I was asleep. But now, I’m jolted awake by the Holy Spirit within. I prayed for three years, “Yahuah help me to see with your eyes, listen with your ears and receive with your heart.” He listened to my prayer and I receivedNow I must respond. This blog is setup to educate. It is up to the reader to choose their response. Check out Recommended Websites Readings page for other sources of information online. Bottom line, you are responsible to know what is going on. The days of just listening to others is dead. Do your own research, know the truth! For it is the truth that sets us free. 

I have a YOU TUBE page with some of my own videos as well as a wealth of information and has evolved over the last 3 years. 

  • It is important to note that we as followers of Yahusha are called to speak truth. We are called to call out deceptive lies that can entangle fellow believers-it is not suppose to be an option. If you trust in our Messiah and Yahuah’s (God’s) sovereignty, you will not fear persecution. “They are those who will not allow the enemy to quench this fire or rattle their faith. They are those who will be set ablaze to go forth to fan the flames and stoke the fire of revival in others. They won’t allow anything to annihilate their zeal because they are strong in Me and they will go forth and do great exploits. As they stir themselves up in their faith, they will renew the passion that others once had in their hearts,” says Yahuah. Yes…we walk by faith and not by sight!

These two links will help you to understand the battle between Yahuah and Satan, how Adam and Eve played an integral part in the fall of man from a infinite to finite beings a  as well as the FLOOD, fallen Angels, Watchers + human women = Nephilim. Then you will begin to see how all of this is a precept of biblical truths, unfolding in our modern USA which was created by and for Satan worshipers to specifically bring forth the NEW WORLD ORDER. The New World Order, MARK of the BEAST and the ANTICHRIST! Here is a video I discovered 12/29/15 depicting everything I have written about and even more in depth revelation and biblical truths. 



The liberal agenda is heading toward the “ancient ways of sexuality.” Back in the day, kingdoms, kings and queens blah blah blah… when pedophilia was common practice. Jewish, Greek as well as Asian cultures whose idea of normalizing males into the real world by taking them under their care and having sex with them. That’s right! Wake up world, satan’s agenda is literally the opposite of Yahuah’s, backwards and upside-down.  If God commands against than satan glorifies it. Here is a link to the modern change in societies thinking or acceptance of normalizing pedophilia.




5 thoughts on “LIVING IN DECEPTION

  1. I am Paresh Haldar from Kolkata, India. I am doing ministry with my family in Kolkata the city of Joy in India. It is our desire to reach out to as many people as possible for the kingdom of God. We are reaching adult men and women and families also children every week in the city of Kolkata also around my state. We disciple people through church planting, discipleship training program, outreaches, kids clubs . This is our desire to bring transformation in India.

    On Going on Disciple Training, they will be coming around state of Bengal, 6-8 month’s training, each month 2 days, as they will come morning, will stay, and learn, and share their own experience, testimony, story, then will return next day afternoon or night, again they will come next month with some new practical experience and questions,

    About Training : – training programme seeks not just to be an academic ‘head-knowledge’ course, but a life-changing journey of discovery into Jesus’ disciples Mt 28:18-20 and role as new leaders in a society where self-gratification and instant fulfilment prevail. Each training course aims to take them gifts and turn them into effective instruments of the Gospel and reached unreached peoples groups make them Disciple for others disciples, engaging mind, body, soul and strength in a variety of ways to help their faith come alive and their ministry unfold in new and exciting ways. personal development, formal lectures, workshops, retreats, worship, prayerful consideration and exploration of what all these things mean to the biblical leader,

    Please keep these all activities in yours prayer
    Brother Paresh

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