The New World Agenda has been publicized since the Nazi Regime. The problem is, most of us have not been listening. Yes, we hear, we see, but we do not understand.  We do not understand because we have been deceived for a very long time. We have been subtly brainwashed to accept the very things we would not, otherwise.

In America we continually get caught up in the pettiness of differing political views, over church denominations. We fight over race and creed and buy into the current fads that quickly fade in as they fade out. The advertising, pop culture and entertainment industries are the smoke and mirrors the elite hide behind while performing the dark magic tricks. We believe it and adopt the views as our own and we worry about our looks, our wants, we need Oprah and Dr. Phil to help work through daily living, we would otherwise be able to do if our churches were educating and serving us. More importantly, we have been lied to over and over and over again. DECEIT! Liars in the elite statuses portraying one worldview while calculating  horrendous acts of treason, disloyalty and dishonor to our people, to our Nation. We believe in the freedom America stands for yet, it is illusive, it’s covered in a veil that is too thick to cut.

We cry out, to our GOD! We believe He is with us through our Nations greediness, conquer, our monetary gains, idolatry, lust, jealousy, power and through the hatred we have for each other. The GOD I serve, is not this GOD I am writing about. I believe the number one way to indoctrinate a mass is through mainstream media and our entertainment industry. We see fame and fortune from a television set, believing we too, can become that person-have it all, without having to risk anything. We have reality television that inundates us with the “way things should be or could be.” We salivate at the mouth wishing, begging even praying for a piece of that seductive CAKE. We believe it is our right. It’s all a lie!! To be great in the eyes of everyday Americans you must sign away your soul, literally. However, it is We ‘normal’ Americans wonder ” Why is (fill in the blank) so unhappy even still with all of that fortune and fame? Why are they continually breaking the law or living as if they are untouchable? Is it because they become greedy and selfish only to want more? Or, maybe it is because to be that “title”, “that name or brand,” one must pay a hefty price. I am sure there are those celebrities, rock stars, politicians, presidents… who were initially naive in believing “if you work hard enough, you deserve the best,” then it’s too late they are caught in a black widows web waiting to be devoured.

Just think about it! Ask God to open your eyes, your minds and ears to receive as He does! See what happens. I am going to share some links from you tube videos I have been watching these last couple of weeks. See links below.


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