This message woke me up! For all Believers in Christ must watch!

This video brought me to wake up- tears. Holy spirit spoke to my heart and in the middle of the clip, I paused, went to my husband and we prayed forgiveness for all of the stuff we have let Noah watch or listen too that has not glorified our God but instead has glorified satan. I am beyond comprehension as to how much our movie stars and tv shows are glorifying satan. My eyes have been opened to things I would not of believed two years ago.

My Dad, although not a believer in Christ, told me that our president was not a citizen of this country. I blew him off as being narrow minded. He told me of the various movies he refused to watch because of the actors true intention for our country. I didn’t listen and now, I say he was right. I have since through ongoing research, found things to be so much more detestable and sinister. Maybe it took this long to see , since I stopped watching the news and reading the paper after 9/11 or maybe it is also because i haven’t had cable for over 5 years. Maybe I just didn’t pick up on the trends. My eyes are now open and that is all that matters. I pass these on to you, the reader, in hopes, you too will be awakened. I believe we, America is the last Babylon spoken in the Old/New Testament. We are entering the beginning of end times as displayed throughout the word of God. We have defiled Him as a Nation because we have been deceived. Our president is a homosexual and his wife is a drag queen. They are satan worshipers and beg for a new world order. I believe he is the one ushering us into the beginnings of the new world order. We are not God! We are not one with God! We are not saved by any other means but through Christ his son who walked in the flesh teaching the ways of our God, who then died and rose and ascended into heaven leaving each of us with his Holy Spirit to be our guide, counselor. These are truths. Anything else is a deception.


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