My Dream Journal Entry 2 End times with the American Church 091915

I’ll re-frame from the details of my last two impressionable dreams since they are symbolic, but some reading will take it literal. Since approx 2012, I have had this dream in varying stages. First, it was the church (which is Christ people) flirting with adultery, infidelity, showing one mask as devout believers and the other mask as vile sex crazed people running wildly. As the dreams progressed to now and with combining my other vision  of the moon and sun combining to make the blood moon reveals this:


God is divorcing or/has divorced and will or/is prosecuting the churchdome as we know it in America. He is breaking down the walls and lies within churches who claim to live for Him, revealing those who are masons and/or Illuminati and also claim Christianity. You can’t serve two masters. The spiritual bondage brought to the family with someone serving both is abortion, miscarriage, infertility, mental illness, financial strife, witchcraft mentality, inability for God to speak to the person through the Holy spirit. He is also exposing gross sins of the leaders and how their sins directly impact those pastor/deacon/elder serve as leader and teacher in our American churches. When you are under a covering of a church body and there is gross sin, the congregation will also suffer through that within their own families.

Is this going to happen on the blood moon? I received that vision two days later. All I witnessed behind a white sky was the moon and sun becoming one and i awoke!


Stop with celebrating Halloween in the form of harvest or whatever your church is doing to keep kids off the streets. It is still worship to Lucifer and the pumpkin is an actual demonic being that brings destruction to Christian people around the world.  It is not an innocent day. Learn history behind the date of Halloween and  what Satanists and paganism do this night. Pray that God will open your eyes to see as He sees, Receive with your heart as he does, Hear as he hears. And if you do, it connects you to the spiritual realm bringing ill spirits to your home, your children….basically all kinds of darkness.

If you are being awakened…

to it destruction, simply come before God with a heart of repentance. Pray over each family member and ask for forgiveness for allowing this into your home and grieving the Spirit. Command through the power and authority of Jesus Christ that each spirit of… bound and cast out of your home and your bodies to leave without harm to you and to go under the feet of Christ never to return. Then ask the Holy Spirit to fill these places within your bodies and home. And then give praise and thanksgiving to God, Christ and the Holy spirit. But only do this if you are turning away from the act. If you go back, many more demons will return.

Here are two videos worth watching if you need more information to decide: 


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