Pope in the United States- Don’t be deceived!

Papal general audience in St. Peter's Square, Vatican City, Rome, Italy - 17 Sep 2014...Mandatory Credit: Photo by AGF s.r.l./REX (4105309j) Pope Francis I Papal general audience in St. Peter's Square, Vatican City, Rome, Italy - 17 Sep 2014

As the pope spends time in the U.S. many are drawn to him as a true holy man, however, those of us whose eyes have been opened know he is a the right hand of satan. He is carrying out this cry for global warming and environmental change, and of course one world religion, let me guess, the Catholic one. Folks, for many years, I questioned the catholic faith even at times, believing some of them were sincere. I believe there are many people who go to the church and have real faith, but the clergy, nuns and priest—well they know it’s one big fat joke.  Tell me in the word of God where it claims that a man can take over Christ’s position on earth? Where does it at all imply that we must have a priest interceded on our behalf? Where does it proclaim Mary as a god or savior of sorts? And why is there so much paganism within the churches? The Eucharist is made in the symbol of a sun, for sun worship. Not Son worship. Constantine created the catholic church to provide a first banking of sorts. He created friars to instill law on the peoples. Munks were intended to service the pope, and  the priest well supposedly they have the holiness to be a stand in for Christ. I don’t know about you, but that is a mighty shoe to fill. From my research, when Christ ascended back to heaven giving his people the Holy Spirit to be their counselor and guide, to go upon the earth teaching the good news many pagans didn’t like it. They just didn’t want to hear it. So Constantine devised a plan to incorporate a new religion mixed with pagan worship to appease their numbers. In turn, he was able to get more people to join the church, which meant more money and more rule.

That in itself, is pure deception. Sounds kinda like satan has his hand in the mixing bowel again. Needless to say, after much more research, it turns out the higher ups, who know the truth, are really Lucifarians who sacrifice and have sex with young boys to attain enlightenment. There are plenty of YouTube videos, books and movies depicting this idea. It is truly disgusting. If you want to know who Christ is take time to read the King James Bible and ask for discernment.  It is the Holy Spirit who teaches us, softens our hearts to receive through prayer and guides us through the words of God. You actually have to do something to receive truth. It’s worth it, because it is your personal relationship evolving, yours.

Purchase the King James version today. Don’t bother with the other translations b/c they too have been intercepted with paganism and false doctrine. Some are missing scripture. I’m a i’ll believe it when I see it kinda girl. I have to do research on my own to believe in anything. When I started reading the word of God back 15 years ago, the word is what transformed my heart and mind. It is God’s word that truly is living.  Asking for knowledge, wisdom, understanding from God is always given. Asking the Holy Spirit to guide the process is always provided and wanting to know Christ is wanting to know GOD. Just try it.


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