Bill Schnoebelen gives detailed explanation to things we don’t necessarily see but are very real in our world. Some of this seems far fetched, but I can say he isn’t the only one stating these facts. Through all of my research thus far, I have found countless facts advocating for his theories. He starts off with how Satan and his emissaries (fallen angels) can come in the form of light to deceive. If you do not have a covering in Christ and you mess with the supernatural, who knows who will show up first to give wisdom.

An example of this is described in the Joseph Smith story and founder of the Mormon faith clothed in righteous living and family values but within very sinister and Luciferian.  …Smith lives in a burn over district in the time of the great revival….never read the bible before and came from a witchcraft family (open occult door) but wanted to know what religion to follow he opens up the bible to James 1: when he opened the book it said… ask for wisdom….he prayed and said a beam of light….then this darkness overwhelmed him….then cried out for help and then a new light came and with it two identical beings spoke to him… Fallen Angels in the form of Light (aliens)? well we all know from God’s word that no man has set eyes on God , he is too holy. And states these two celestial beings are God the Father and Christ the Son… I can go ahead and stop right here. Enough said.  

Second account: 1917….children in Portugal “the lady” comes down in a ball of light and glowing in blue, sky parts the sun starts moving … but only these peoples saw it another witnessed account of aliens?

Genesis 6:1-6   Who are the Sons of God?

“Bene Elohim” (fallen angels) who married daughters of men the world became so evil God flooded the world. There are 2 theories of being fathered either: giants (nephilim) or mighty men of renown.

1st Theory:

Bene Elohim was the lion of sex and the female children of  the Canaanite king rendering Men of renown-giants.

2nd Theory:

The daughters of men were human women who laid with fallen angels “Bene Elohim” who were actually celestial beings

  • Common usage in the Tenakh (Old Testament)
  • Makes more sense in the light of extraordinary offspring
  •  Job 1:6 and Job 2:1 Old Testament stated sons of God are holy angels
  •  Roman 8:14 these are all after Calvary where “the cross” this allows us to become sons of God through Christ

Paul’s mysterious Warning

1 Cor 11:10 women should cover their heads “because of the angels” still have the ability to rape and impregnate women. Asked those who experienced subbus or demonic presence raping them in bed to wear a protective head covering when sleeping. I embarrassingly admit that this happened to me in the early 2000’s. It was the worst experience of my life. I felt something on me but could not move, I felt it enter me and have sex with me and i could not yell out. I remember waking to orgamsic fluid on me. So the only explanation is somehow women can still beguile celestial beings and make them fall into sin. Wear a head covering to bed…if you have been inflicted with succubus experiences and be prayed for deliverance.

 Yahweh’s Law of Reproduction

Everything reproduces “after its own kind.”So, what happens when angel/human match?? Nephilim are called giants the byproduct of human/angelic mix Isaiah 26:14 says the deceased referencing Rephaim shall not raise in the resurrection. Rephaim are considered a sub group of Nephilim.

  • Why was Noah’s DNA immune from this mixing? He was “perfect in his generation” Tamlym means without blemish was uncontaminated by the BENE ELOHIM.
  • These hybrid peoples were of Satan he was trying to corrupt DNA so that Christ’s lineage could not come down and corrupt God’s people.
  • Matt 22:30… Angels in heaven cannot marry indicating that all angels are male. Just because someone does not marry does not prevent them from having intercourse.
  • Book of Enoch is considered secondary books not taken as canonical scripture but nonetheless hold historical facts. Jude 14-15 was the brother of James and the ½ brother of Yah’shua who actually quotes from The Genesis Apocryphon also known as Enoch

Enoch Chapters 1 :9; 5:4; 27:2 quoted in the epistles of Jews. 

  • Watcher is also known as shining one… Azuela was one of the watchers who chose to drink human blood to live among the humans and procreate. he was the worst of all the angels who taught humanity classified information from God that would defile humankind. Thus causing God to flood the world to cleanse it. These stories are also found in the Torah and mythologies alike… it all came from Christ himself shedding of blood that is why many still believe must sacrifice a body for shedding of blood but as Satan does he takes truth and deceives it.
  • What happened after the flood? Noah was given the messianic teachings the original word. If you see the word of God as literal we are all descendants of another Shem Ham or Jacob.
  • Satan is connected with the Planet Venus.
  • Angelos -Greek and Melech-Hebrew, both can be translated as “Messenger” They are often terrifying and beautiful beings.
  •  Judges 6:22 13:20
  • Holy Angels: Refuse to be worshipped and redirect to Christ.
  • Angels do not have wings or halos but cherubs do have wings…. Satan was a cherub.
  • All male angels that always testify to Christ. They can be normal looking or big and scary in stature.
  • Luke 17:26
  • Matthew 22:30 angels in their natural condition cannot procreate with humans angels are made up of : glorified human bodies of flesh and bone …what we will be after resurrection…that is why an angel cannot possess a person, only demons can.
  • Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God originally Adam and Eve did not have blood in their bodies until they ate the tainted fruit. Once blood flowed through their bodies they became finite (mortality) beings. We do not inherit the kingdom of God in flesh and blood but through the shed blood of Christ our Savior who is the only way to God our Father.
  • In order for angels to reproduce they must have to drink human blood will lose their angelic abilities powers but not their angelic minds. Once they fall they lose their power but still have intellect intact.
  • Supernatural beings drink blood and live forever are not dead people but fallen angels…light is in the blood…
  • After the flood there are still giants—goliath
  • New Testament Paul cautions women to protect their heads
  • Gen 6:4
  • These fallen angels are behind the machinery used to alter DNA in human bodies today. These are the fallen angels who control this and it is Satan who encourages them to reproduce with humans.
  • Bene Elohim today? Interbreeding with humanity trying to deceive more people into believing they are benevolent and are a walk in phenomenon
  • Aliens are demons.
  • We are currently being prepared to receive this end time deception: Bill postulates Jupiter Orion or both as a connection with these beings. In ancient times, planet Jupiter was called Marduk and is associated with Nimrod—fountainhead of all false religions on this planet
  • Nimrod was the originator of the NEW WORLD ORDER in the Old Testament times and is considered the ANTICHRIST of his time back in the days of Babel.



Started in 1961 first reported …lost two hours of time they were later hypnotized and described standard human manipulations


Scenario…. Accosted by aliens in deserted places or bedroom they are paralyzed and cannot move taken to a ship strapped and experiments are being done. Memory wiped clean cannot remember the main event for many years…hurting on body parts for days…impregnated …strange peoples who are in black and threaten persons if you continue to tell your stories.

Physical appearance of Demons aka Aliens:

Type 1 Aliens called the grey supposedly from Zeta Reticuli said to be in the Roswell crash 1947 also commonly involved in abductions…smell like sulfur or feces and walk like monkeys… they don’t eat like humans… but through their fingers

Type 2 Nordics Blondes typically look like idealized blonde humans from constellations Lyra…not typically involved in abductions… they are supposedly our protectors from the greys but don’t do anything but tell us stuff

Type 3 Aliens dreaded men in black may or may not be aliens…smell like sulfur Asian in appearance

Type 4 Reptilians comes from constellation Draco carnivorous, cannibalistic and 7 feet tall and exit at the top of the alien food chain. Eat people…other aliens very nasty and cruel they are the administrators “behind the scenes”


Can believers be abducted “yes” insert photo since if someone has opened doors in the spiritual world may be more susceptible. Just because we are Christian, does not mean we are bulletproof.


Physical evidence add photo left behind sometimes implants are found….third party witnesses items can be in the form of  metallic beads… cylinders…. organic looking… very tiny. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to remove these things.



1950’s advanced technology in lieu of abducting humans etc. The 50’s propelled us into the technological era literally overnight. This agreement made with aliens and military, gave them the right to build these underground bases. they co share them under the acronym DUMBs- joint effort between military and aliens make tunnels underground by melting the rock into glass like materials.


Aliens keep to the lowest levels and humans to the highest levels and usually do not intermix.

Celestial Counsel—Celestial beings   

  1. Angels (Melechim)
  2. (7) Archangels- Michael, Gabriel
  3. Seraphim sing and fly around God all day long have 6 wings
  4. Kerubim-the “four living Creatures” one who prays or intercedes. Originally 5 and 4 were the actual throne on which God sits ,the fifth is the one who covered him ( Lucifer (Ez 28) cover of the reptile kingdom) associated with four brightest stars in the heavens and Aquarius signs as well—considered gateways as well in the occult and aliens…
  1. Other High-level Celestial beings:
  • Archons (high level beings partakers of the divine nature just like we are…over cities and nation states and angels over their false religions)
  • Thrones
  • Principalities
  • Powers
  • Dominions

Appearance of Kerubins: Each represent the kingdoms of Earth:

1 Kerubim has face of a man–Humans

1 has a face of a lion–Wild mammals

1 has the face of an eagle–Birds and snakes

1 has the face of ox—Domesticated Animals

the 5th Kerubin is Lucifer- kingdom over reptiles

Satan “Lucifer”—“bright shining one” may have lived on the earth and destroyed it with his fall. God took the earth voided and created it in 7 days and added human beings.

Look up Michael Heiser online—there is a divine counsel in heaven his belief…

Some of these celestial beings (called gods) given authority over kingdoms are fallen now and will die at the end.  Psalm 82 is an example of how they abuse their authority. These celestial beings are known in lizard form.



New Strategies for Deception:

-Seducing women (take on human form to)

-Abducting and or raping them

-Typical “UFO abduction”

-Also in Satanic ritual context

Strategy is to get fallen angel DNA into the blood supply through certain vaccines:

There is a gene called Lucifarian gene-– in our genome that glow green this came into Adam when he fell b/c he lost his abilities and was overcome with darkness and death.  So they are trying to get the junk DNA in us taken over with the Lucifarian gene. Magical Seduction—by now hundreds or perhaps thousands of women have been impregnated by the Bene Elohim…their children born will be something else. These peeps can be set free and saved if they have free will and human DNA in their system.

Black Magik/Black Science

  • Bene Elohim are very intelligent and have advanced understandings in technology, they are still celestial, brilliant and very evil. They are behind the scenes of science and in medicine parading behind human stooges.
  • This came out over 80 years ago with occultists and writers like Aleister Crowley and H.P. Lovecraft (was a novelist) writing about genetic manipulation and transpatiel geometry
  • We are warned of the dead souls under the sea in the book of Job!
  • Crawley tried to open up other dimensions with help from a being called ‘Lam’ who looked like a grey alien spoke to him: Disciples of Crawley such as Jack Parsons founder of American rocketry and JPL laboratories and L. Ron Hubbard founder of Dianetics and Scientology.  Jack Parsons L. Ron Hubbard both opened up a dimension and let something out demonic.
  • A rip in the fabric of Space? These workings were intended to open doors into other dimensions and permit dark gods to come in resume their reign on earth. Look at what has happened in our society within last few decades due to these dark magik, black science genetic manipulation inner workings.
  • Satanist believes the antichrist was born in 1966. LSD Drugs cause mutations. Indigo children are born prodigies …brilliant in many ways and psychic gifts ….they are believed to be salvation of the world…By new age movements


If you don’t have challenges you don’t have gifts


 If your children are a little different…Pray for them, minister to them…they will be instrumental for our future. Now I know why I always had an irritation with the baby boomer generation being too idealist, expectational and demanding.    



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