The Lineage of Freemasonary

  1. Nimrod (considered a demigod) was in the Babylonian and Egyptian mystery cults 2300-2000 BC
  2. Kabbalistic Mystery Religions 100 BC
  3. Gnostic Mystery religions 50-300AD
  4. Pre Islamic sorcery and alchemy 200-600 AD
  5. Assassin cult shake leader Hassan he Sabha in 1000 AD developed the mind control to make elite warriors for the jihad Islamic God, Allah. They believe women do not have souls, and when they die faithfully, they will ascend to paradise. Paradise is a place of orgies, sloth, greed, ability to have sex with beautiful angels. To bring this lie into reality the shake would dope the men and while they were high, take them to a place in his garden where an abundance of forbidden food and drink were available as well as beautiful women to cater their every need. When these men started coming off their high, they were blindfolded, and sent back to their original place. Hassan would then enter, and say, I have the power to take you to paradise, so do as I ask and you will be rewarded with paradise for eternity. He also created first moles in infiltrate other Nations. Eventually, the Orthodox Muslims killed him.
  6. Templar 1118-1300 Royal secret took part in crusades where they became very rich by protecting the elites monies. Eventually they came in contact with the Assassins cult where they exchanged secrets. The Knight Templar became the first international bankers. It wasn’t until they threatened the Vatican (created by Constantine to place paganism in the catholic churches to encourage more people to join and make more monies) and with the help of France, were  hunted to almost extinction until every Templar was burned at the sake. When the high Templar was being burned, he cursed the pope and the king of France to death, which happened one year later.
  7. Rosicrucian 1500 AD came on the scene
  8. Ignatius Loyola and Jesuits 1534 evolved through a Spanish knight warrior who created monks to protect the pope at all costs. This set the stage for the beginning of the Illuminati mind control exercises.
  9. Operative and speculative masonry 1600’s for a separation of those who wanted to be in the craft and others who wanted to build.
  10. Mother Lodge of England 1717 Modern freemasonry
  11. Grand Orient France 1773 these are the most anti christian sect known today (suicide bombers, Bin Laden group).
  12. Illuminati came on the scene in America during 1776, the signing of the declaration of independence. This day is also known as a High Satanic Holiday, May The conspiracy was created to develop a society within a society, all with the intent. to bring back pure paganism. The man behind this agenda was Adam Beholt, a Jesuit in canon law.
  13. HELL BROTH was created to combine three foundations 1. Modern day Jesuit mind control techniques 2. Islamic mysticism of magic 3. Masonic secrets on mortality and drug induced altered state of consciousness solely to infiltrate Europe’s elite and intellectuals. This man was trying to create a one power utopia on earth, with him being the God.  The French Revolution was the catalyst used to bring about disorder at the hands of Illuminati. They went in and desecrated the Cathedral of Norte Dame by placing a half-naked lady statue, holding a torch and wearing a crown, on the alter. The torch symbolizes light of Lucifer. Our statue of Liberty is a gift from France to American Masonry, who is the goddess of witchcraft. By creating this revolution he wanted to try out the cycles of ultimate rule  called the Hegelian Dialectic.

There are Stages:

The first rule is 1.Chaos which is paganism 2. Discord is the Jehovah monotheism which brought in rules and took away paganism fun.           3.Confusion is then created through the symbol of the devil figure4. Bureaucracy evolves when the government must come in to save the day, taking over more and more rights of the common people. The idea is to keep recycling this within society rendering the everyday citizen judged as dumb and unable to figure out how to live without the help of government (this is where all of our warning tags come from on products). This in turn, creates a frustrated society where most surrender themselves to resorting to drugs, alcohol or an attitude of no personal responsibility while the rest feel pigeonholed and restricted from basic freedoms to make their own choices. This ultimately creates an               5. Aftermath. Aftermath implodes from within and begins the cycle all over again. Over time our rights are stripped and government has complete control.

  • God did intervene in 1785, when the guy carrying the secrets was struck by lightning and died. When the authorities found the information and decoded it, they arrested every conspirator trying to destroy the Illuminati. However, it was already ingrained in modern cults and secret societies.


  1. Albert Pike came on the scene 1900 where he brought masonry into the machine it is today. Masonry is like an onion made up of many layers 99 out 100 members have very limited access to knowledge and the inner truths of masons. At some point, the masons and the Illuminati merged with one goal that stems from one being, Lucifer.
  2. There are 3 ways to get into the Illuminati 1. Special heredity bloodlines 2. Already in the occult or high master ranks 3. Powerful and rich. These persons are brought into the secrets (outer secrets of the Illuminati) where they are taught deeper mysteries, inner teachings, taught mind control, sexuality yoga, given hallucinogens to open the third eye to enlightenment and the building of temples for demon occupation. If they show promise they are entered into the 5 steps of the LIGHT.

Five stages into the LIGHT of Lucifer

  1. Take an oath adopted into family of Lucifer whether you believe it or not. If you take a secret oath to the worshipful master you are tied to Lucifer. It is a spiritual tie that is symbolic to umbilical cord to the queen of hell the secret child, adoption, illumination.
  2. To have psychic powers, you must tap into the third eye. Once you can do this you are able to see a bright light that introduces you to seeing things through evilness. The virus of evil overrides the good in you and eventually you begin to view humans like insects or cattle, with no real value, you lack compassion for others. This creates quantum leaps forward into becoming a higher being where you can converse with Jesus, Hitler, Crowley, which ups your power in the occult world of power and spirit possession .
  3. INVITED INTO THE CONGRESS when you must have sex with an fallen angel or higher demon to become possessed. This union creates a perfect union-ship with Lucifer in turn, making you his perfect possession. Many people explain it as being connected to a bigger organism who has control over your thoughts and feelings. Many succumb to this while others try to rid themselves of this control. The demons inside of them read their minds so they inflict incredible amounts of pain on to the person, until they conform, or are killed. Lucifer wants these people to believe they are lost and unable to break free from him but through the blood of Christ, He saves. They believe by having sex with a fallen angel renders you immortal.
  4. Must vamporize children (drinking of blood) ILLUMINATI
  5. Must sodomize young boys to gain power and enlightenment
  • Mormonism is said to be a pseudo faith as a cover to witchcraft. Catholicism is also a cover for Satan worshiping. Bill speaks about how their doctrine was bad. 1 Corinthians  5:8 talks about leaven.
  • If  you have one mason within your church they will leaven the lives of the sanctuary.  In Christ born again we don’t need to recruit like Mormonism and Jehovah witness there are no secrets.
  • There are 3 divisions  of Religion (1) Roman Catholics= freemasons (2) orthodox Catholics (3) Protestants.
  • Kabala is the foundation behind freemasonry.  Only 1 and 100 masons have this knowledge.
  • Greek heresy came off the truth of Christianity that would be modern day Mormonism, Freemasonry, New Agers, all believing you must attain higher wisdom to be saved.
  • The Illuminati symbol is satanic Beltane New World order began in 1776.
  • The pyramid can be dissected by lowest levels as U.S masonic degrees as the  foundation of the trapezoid up to 97th degree of satan worshiping
  • Crowley’s brand sexualism masons
  • Must have sex with fallen angels or demons
  • Super high level cells
  • Illuminati over the continents of world
  • The inner circle of 7 who are Satan’s fallen angels aka Principalities
  • and finally at the top, the great architect himself, Lucifer
  • You are required to worship satan at least four nights a week through tedious rituals and prayers.
  • The Mysterious all Seeing Eye means Lucifer’s eye surrounded by a rectum for sodomy. By committing sodomy, one can access alternate universes especially with a male child. By raping a young boy you are given more power to enter into alternative levels of reality through tunnels of the python.
  • Pluto’s gods who are much greater than God and Satan can be reached as you engage in pedophilia sacrifice of children, drinking their blood and eating their flesh.
    • It is said that Crawely broke this secret when he started developing the fascinating child. The big secret is immortality promised when you ascend to the celestial lodge above through tantric sexual violation of a male child by sodomizing and vamporizing them. In turn, this steals their youth allowing you to access other alternate universes. It is the very top level masons and Illuminati who are doing this, but if you are connected to one of these folks through blood ties, family generations, the curse of homosexuality and pedophilia is passed down. Especially, if you are Christian and a Mason, you also affect Christian churches and bring curses on your family unit.
  • The capstone is Christ and that will complete the pyramid when HE returns, crushing Lucifer to dust and cursing the all seeing eye of sodomy. In Matthew.
  • Satan loves to defile children and innocents because when children are abused it makes it much harder for them to surrender before God, Many feel it is Gods fault for letting it happen. I know because this happened to me as a child. It does take longer to overcome, but God is an all loving God who is faithful and patient. If you ask, He will provide healing and freedom through Christ. When these sufferers are delivered by the blood of Jesus, we become great witnesses for His Kingdom.
  • Today there is the MK ultra a program that has been going on for decades in underground bunkers where they torture children trying to create super soldiers for Satan’s battle in Armageddon with Christ. They use LSD and torture techniques by trying to find ways of placing demons inside of them. This is typically the result of dissociative personality disorder (having many personalities). The army general, Michael Aquino, who is currently in charge of a program called Monarch project is command over the second most satanic temple in the world and adding sexual perversion along with torture to children.
  • Extraterrestrials are the same story line, but now to deceive our modern day peoples they come in alien form as greys, nordics and serpent humanoids, which are all demons or demigods posing as aliens to help humanity save the world. Hitler, Crowley and Aquino both believed in a spirit named Ewash ?mispelled.
  • The living word King James version, discusses God having his own UFO, called the living machine which has it’s own spirit. UFOS are in the bible and they have been witnessed since after the flood in writings and pictorials. John Smith was witnessed by a great bright light where two fallen angels appear in white silvery robes. The UFO’s we see in the sky is an example of lying signs and wonders meant to confuse us to the real return of our Lord Jesus.
  • I recently found out that all of our modern day bible translations were created to deceive Christians into not understanding the true living word of God. According to Bill and Derek Prince, the bible is enough to overpower all evil and principalities that try to harm us, but any other version is dead because it is either missing scripture on how to do this or is muddled down to make Jesus look like everyone else. This is a deception in our churches that most pastors are unaware. Satan works day and night to find ways to break up the body of believers. We must make it stop. We are given this authority and power through Christ, and we are supposed to use it.  We are called to be soldiers for God and to cast out demons and heal the afflicted. Everything we need to live abundantly is in the word of God, the original word of God-King James version.

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