Christianity in America is a lie!

Most of us grew up being affiliated with a church denomination. Some are devote to their affiliation while others only celebrate on holidays. Rest assured the holidays we think are Christ centered, are not about Christ at all!

God speaks of how we are to be aware of deceptions in those who come in the name of Christ. Those who come in sheep’s clothing only to be an evil wolf looking to devour and destroy. I have had more of these experiences than I would care to admit. The first one was when I was about 11 years old in the 80’s. My mom’s boyfriend at the time was repeatedly molesting me. After I gained the courage to tell her, and thank God she believed me, we were both humiliated during a church intervention that ended blaming an 11 year old for a pedophiles disgusting sin. That was one of the worst experiences of my life! There are many things I can’t remember, but unfortunately this one that will be forever etched in my mind.

God also talks about how we must know his word and respond out of it. The problem is, when man gets its fingers on stuff, it usually ends up corrupted. RELIGION is the EPITOME of EVIL! I have been saying this since High school. I have seen it unfold in my own life over and over again. So many lives lost, families destroyed, all in the name of religion. It is Satan’s greatest weapon and yet, we are all asleep in the light.

Satan’s schemes go way back before humans were created in the image of God. Check out creationism vs luciferianism for more detail on my home page.

Since I have given my life to Christ around the age of 25 years, God has shown and taken me through many transitions. I am forever grateful for the ones that I know are God’s people who helped to pick me up out of the darkness and into his light-they are my heros. But let it be said that all the churches I have attended and/or devoted my time and energy too are LIARS.

Where in the word of God does it describe modern day American churches? It doesn’t. Christ simply says go out among the nations and make disciples of my people, cast out demons in my name, set the captives free, heal the sick and baptize in my name. That is it! Nothing more nothing less. He also says live by these two commandments: Love thy neighbor as thyself and Love the Lord God with all your heart!

I have been to baptist, non denominational, methodist, catholic, presbyterian, evangelical free blah…blah…blah and honestly, they are all the same. Self righteous people who find it so easy to judge others despite the huge boulder blinding their own eye and yet, refuse to surrender or become pliable for God’s Kingdom. They are all blind, and deaf and carry hearts of stone. Every church I have ever been to is quick to deny one’s worth or value, making it extremely hard for the broken hearted to confess their needs and pain. It is one big fat lie. One big PRODUCTION for the masses. This is a dream I had a few months ago titled:

My Dream Journal Entry 2 End times with the American Church 091915

I’ll re-frame from the details of my last two impressionable dreams since they are symbolic, but some reading will take it literal. Since approx 2012, I have had this dream in varying stages. First, it was the church (which is Christ people) flirting with adultery, infidelity, showing one mask as devout believers and the other mask as vile sex crazed people running wildly. As the dreams progressed to now and with combining my other vision  of the moon and sun combining to make the blood moon reveals this:


God is divorcing or/has divorced and will or/is prosecuting the churchdome as we know it in America. He is breaking down the walls and lies within churches who claim to live for Him, revealing those who are masons and/or Illuminati and also claim Christianity. You can’t serve two masters. The spiritual bondage brought to the family with someone serving both is abortion, miscarriage, infertility, mental illness, financial strife, witchcraft mentality, inability for God to speak to the person through the Holy spirit. He is also exposing gross sins of the leaders and how their sins directly impact those pastor/deacon/elder serve as leader and teacher in our American churches. When you are under a covering of a church body and there is gross sin, the congregation will also suffer through that within their own families.

Is this going to happen on the blood moon? I received that vision two days later. All I witnessed behind a white sky was the moon and sun becoming one and I awoke!


Clearly God is telling his elect to wake up to the great deceptions of our churches and how those who are leading these services will be held to an accountable standard. Recently a church I served in for 7 years told me that all of my prophetic dreams that did actually come to pass, were from the devil! I almost threw up when he said that to me. It is later confirmed that this denomination among many others, do not belief in the gifts of the Spirit. They believe that all of that stuff left when the disciples died. What a shame! If anyone can find evidence in the word of God explaining this I will give you 1,000.000.00 dollars. Good luck finding it.

Then of course we have the holidays we worship under a false illusion that it is in Christ, we serve. God makes it clear that we must be able to see truth from lie and not to engage in activities that worship false gods. Below is a chart of what we are called to Worship and honor. Honestly, I have never heard any pastor speak of these holidays, until recently, and it didn’t come out of a church.


Instead we are sucked into the world with our eyes closed, acting like the world, and living in the world, when we are suppose to be in the world but not of the world. Every seasoned Christian knows that Lucifer is the reigning King of our earth. The earth is currently his domain until Christ comes back with his bride and puts an end to the obstrocities. It is in the name of____that have destroyed millions of lives for centuries. Here is a list of what is considered Christian paganism worshipped after pagan gods or goddesses. Know your history. I urge anyone to do your own research. I’ve made it easy for you on my website, but you have to be willing to take the time to educate yourself. It will be a life change so don’t bother, if you like living with your head in the sand.

WP_20151229_10_31_29_Pro These “Gods are also Nephilim or also known as Demigods.”

I don’t want to be a barrier of bad news but if you think this Nation is created in the name of God, again you are being deceived. This country was founded on freemasonry and the illuminati secrets. Just take a look at the symbolisms used by each president, the things they stood for during each term, the illusions and delusions that go against everything Christ teaches in the New Testament. Not one had good intentions for this country because this country is modern day Babylon that extends from the England elite disguised as the original royalty bloodline that came out of the middle east back post flood. Don’t be deceived any longer! Do not let these evil people dictate to you what you should believe. I don’t know if you notice but many people today in the marketplace, workplace and churches look and act like zombies. They seem unable to make decisions, problem solve or show any level of real interest in anything besides themselves.  I know you see it. So pray for your eyes to be opened to God’s truth and you will finally be set free to live with purpose. Don’t question my patriotism because this not about our Country that we believe in but its foundations. I love our country and served my time for five years in USAF. I also love Father God, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit. But I am not for this CHristian churchdome we have in America.


Check out these videos for more information:



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