I am a watchman-a truth seeker


As a child, I naturally stuck up for the underdog. I fought the bullies and, even at times I knew, I would be bullied, if I chose to step in. I did it anyhow, every damn time. For some reason, it never occurred to me that their words didn’t hurt. It’s was as if I had a protective shield over me and also to this day. However, choosing this postion always caused negative consequences from others. Enduring is something you get good at.

In High school, I made fun of those who thought they were of elite status. I defended the downtrodden and I always defended myself. It didn’t matter if I was up against a group of people or one, I always stood my ground. I just can’t believe I never got punched or beat up. I had a big mouth and the words could pierce through the toughest skin and render the strongest weakened. Little did they know I couldn’t fight, I never threw a punch in my entire life.

In the military, I always spoke out against injustice or sexual assault. Even then, I was the Airman others sought advice on ‘how to handle a situation involving upper ranks.’ I never understood why I was so bold in my words and half of the time, I wasn’t even aware that my outer body was confronting a bad situation that had nothing to do with me, until my mind caught up. If I witnessed injustice at the hands of others, I always stepped in. It didn’t matter if I was the secretary of a company and the boss was being verbally offensive or sitting in the back of the bus with good ‘ole mississippi country white boys’ defending the rights of black people.
Wherever I went, confrontation would follow, no matter how hard I tried to remain invisible. It could be in the form of starting a heated discussion about white superiorty in graduate school or the workplace. It could be in the commander’s office or the dean’s office ledgering a complaint against someone who caused harm to someone else.

Why me?
I asked God this very question so many times, I can’t count anymore. What motivated me to speak out, knowing I would pay a price? Why was it so hard to mind my own business?

As a counselor, I have ruffled some feathers with local pastors, colleagues and other community organizations. I have even ruffled feathers with some very obstinate clients who crossed my door. I have been called assertive, aggressive, obnoxious, inquisitive, rude, out of line, arrogant, disrespectful, a loud mouth….

I have also been told in all phases of my life, “thank you for being willing to say what all of us were thinking but too afraid to say” or “thank you for sticking up for me.” I think those statements always seemed to outweigh the temporary loss I would be subjected to when my mouth would take over.
I’ve lost friends, family, partnerships, relationships, all because I can’t help but speak up for those being victimized at the hands of a broken system, laws, or other people.

I laugh now when I think about how often I sense people looking at me with a “that girl is crazy” or “did she really just say or do that?” Or i’ll even step in and say, yes I know… ” I must be crazy” but it is all okay. I can easily relate to the prophets of old testament times that were asked to go into villages and speak God’s truth just to either run for the hills or be martyred.

I get it now.

These last 7 years has been a training phase, and I think I passed the test?!?! Looking back, I can see how I came to the place I am at right now. It started with understanding that people are either good or bad. The bad have similar qualities: use others for personal gain, lie, cheat, deceive and are disloyal to gain power and control. They are weak minded, callous and shallow hearted. These types want to be in control and are swayed by greed and money. They seek power. The other type, give of their personal time and resources to help others and despite being knocked down, they get right back up a little bruised, but nonetheless, carry on as before. No matter how hard they have been slammed they can’t help but start again. I like these types.

I was an avid movie watcher. I remember the “Manchurian Candidate”with D Washington striking a nerve as well as the “Conspiracy Theory” with Mel Gibson. There are many others that made me question for a moment “what if this is really true?”

In 2009,I started watching conspiracy movies on netflix and then I wandered on to the history shows about ancient times, giants, and different cultures. I have always been an avid fan of trying to figure out why people think and do what they do. I’ve seen every serial killer biography as well as Hitler and Mason. By 2012, I started to focus more on supernatural phenomenon. I watched every ghostbuster to paranormal show I could get my hands on. Later God told me to rebuke these images. I then found myself immersed into government conspiracies especially the ones which revolved around extra terrestrials.

The beginning of 2015 was a life changer. I was becoming more aware of evil in a physical and spiritual form. I was comfortable with casting out evil in my dreams and in my room. 2014 was the year spritual warfare followed me everywhere. It wasn’t until I had faith in the name of Christ and commanded they leave that I really started to sleep again. I also started to see in the spiritual realm-not so fun but the bottom line is my fear is gone. Despite what I see or feel, I am able to maintain composure and pray through it without anyone else noticing the difference.

Last year, my counseling office was riddled with those seeking more awareness with the supernatural, getting greater awareness into biblical truths and those who were empathic and didn’t understand what that entailed. My clientele has been very eclectic and now I see why. With the witnessing of my end time dreams and the promise God made to reveal his true nature to me back in 2012-2013, I know that I know that I know, He is who he says he is and he is looking for warriors, NOW.

Times are quickly changing. I recently started watching youtube videos and quickly realized the entertainment industry has become rather satanic. The music and staging, it’s like watching rituals unfold in everything from football games to music awards, and they are not for God. I see symbolism I never noticed before. Most of the stuff I’ve seen these last few months, if anything, confirm what my dreams were about typically 6 mos to one year in advance. It is all coming together and it is making sense now.

It all took a dramatic turn when I happened upon an article discussing environmental concerns with Kerry. I paid $30 and purchased this report from prophecy today-rema. My life instantly changed and I was scared. After reading and digesting the 22 page report, I was on a mission to uncover the real truth. It was the real truth after all, but with that, I have gained so much more understanding.

As, Job said “with much knowledge comes great responsibility.” Isn’t that the truth! When I was informed of YOUTUBE, my world opened up, I was astonished, disgusted and my marriage took a dump in the trash can. It’s one thing to look or feel crazy to those around me, it’s another thing entirely to feel it from your spouse. Nonetheless, God walks us through the muck and restores us in His time. I’m kinda hoping this year is that time! I can feel it!

Written by Amy Casale


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