Creationism vs. Luciferianism

A NUTSHELL VERSION of CREATIONISM God creates Holy Angels “sons of God.” Lucifer the most beautiful of all angels fights with God. Lucifer (Satan) and one third of God’s Holy Ange…

Source: Creationism vs. Luciferianism


2 thoughts on “Creationism vs. Luciferianism

  1. in your creationism vs Lluciferianism there are some errors. For one H P Blavatsky, author of ISIS UNVEILED was the major driving force behind modern day spiritualism / gnosticism and her successor Alice Bailey catapulted it much further. Crowley took some of her ideas and created his own version Ordo Templis Orientis but you mention the “Toole” society – it’s actually pronounced like you spell it but spelled Thule (Ultima THule).. Hitler’s main teacher Dietrich Eckhart was the founder of Thule. By the 1930s it too had morphed into another “society”. I highly recommend you watch Hollow Earth Chronicles – Ep.1 by Justen Faull and his brother Wes. It covers a lot of material you would profit by. Also True Legends 1, 2, and 3 by Steve Quayle and Tim Alberino. I believe they’re all available to rent on for an inexpensive price – I believe about 9$

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