Catholicism In a Nutshell. The great lie!

This is the truth of the Catholic system also known as the Vatican who is the headquarters of Lucifarian agenda/NWO. The Vatican is also known as the Harlot, the desolation of abomination, also known as the 4th kingdom and final kingdom- modern Babylon. The USA is known as the daughter Babylon also known as the 11th horn on the beast.

This system infiltrated true worship of Yahuah’s Kingdom into the Millennial reign for 1000 years by ransacking Yahusha’s message by creating their own version of Jesus Christ. They replaced the Father, Son, Holy Ghost with Father, Pope, Holy Spirit. It is a great deception and because of its deep state of lies many Christians today believe in a religion that is flawed and riddled with paganism.  It is only for those of us who want to know  the truth at all costs and are willing to share it. People don’t like change and especially don’t like admitting they were lied too or believed in something not good. It is easier to sink your head in the sand than it is to stand up for truth, even when that means you need to re-adjust your beliefs.