Who is Joseph Smith?                                                                  2015

The Smith family was highly involved in sorcery, money digging as a profession and self-praised treasure seekers who resided in upstate NY. Joseph and his family were viewed by the locals as witches who gazed into crystals to find secret buried treasures. During this time, there was a great revival of many Christian offshoots traveling through spreading the Good new gospels.  Joseph Smith was overly concerned as to which one was the true religion, so he went into the woods and asked God to reveal His truth. As he was kneeling in prayer, he was fearfully overcome by vast darkness until a pillar of light shown through, silhouetted as two angelic beings, of same resemblance, revealing themselves as God and Jesus. God spoke to Joseph saying …“this is my beloved son… and we ask you not to join any church because they are all an abomination in my sight…a great apostasy has been created since the time of Constantine who created Catholicism in 4th century.” This abomination rendered the church in darkness for the next 1200 years until a light began to dawn with Martin Luther and the Reformation, but still it remained unsettled until Joseph Smith Jr. was prophesied to restore the fullness of everlasting gospel in 1830.

After this great awakening, Joseph returned home and later joined the local Methodist church but was abruptly kicked out for his crystal gazing.  It was Sept 21 1827, when Joseph Smith later claimed he was also visited by an angel Moroni who was previously a righteous man prophet now, celestial angel. Moroni was told by God to visit Joseph in his home and request he dig up ancient golden plates laid within a hill for 1400 years, awaiting discovery. The Angel claimed that these tablets were previous ancient writings of the Nephrite tribe, children of light skin who were destroyed by the laminates, children of dark skin.  Smith was told to translate these tablets into modern English and to re-awaken the good news. His church suffered persecution many times over and eventually ended up in Illinois. This is where he started sending missionaries throughout the world. This is where he also joined freemasonry. He later runs for office, however is jailed and later shot. His last words were…”oh lord my God is there no help for the widowed son…” this is said to be the freemasonry sign of distress, cry out for help. Since he was shooting back and killed mob members as well we do not view him as a martyr.

After Joseph’s death, Brigham Young becomes the new prophet. Eventually 150 cults split off of the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church. Young resettles in Salt Lake City Utah. Along the trek to Utah, many faithful Mormons died. Young creates avenging angels as men who would go out and kill Mormon people who didn’t live up to Mormon standard. Once settled in Utah, polygamy was prohibited carving the way to make their settlement a state. Young believed and taught black skinned people are loathsome, lazy, can’t reach priesthood or be sealed in the temples until 1970, when the church becomes international, granting blacks have full access to temples since 1978.

  Mormon Theology

Mormons believe American Indians were the true Israelite’s during 2247 BC- 421 AD. In fact while Christ was being crucified in holy lands, the new world was riddled with many signs and wonders preparing the way for Christ to come and start the Mormon Church.  It was taught that if a laminate tribe person repented and was baptized, his sin was removed causing his cursed dark skin to turn white. In the year, 1830, Church of Christ was established as the first Mormon Church, who later changed their name to Church Of Jesus Christ of latter day saints; the true church of Christ.


  • Mormons believe all planets are occupied by god like men who were once human but attained the highest celestial reward to become godhead and have celestial sex producing many spirit children who will come to earth to occupy human form. Supposedly Adam and Eve came to earth as spiritual beings in physical bodies to start the human race. Elohim(God) later comes down to have physical sex with Virgin Mary in order to provide Jesus a physical body.
  • Christ took on three wives and fathered many children before his death and later he established his church in the United States as in Palestine.
  • Polygamy and blood atonement is needed to atone for certain sins unforgivable under Christ’s atonement. Human blood must be shed.
  • Smith slept with 27 other married wives
  • Divine commandments
  • Highest level of heaven can only be entered through polygamy.
  • Once the earthly couple marries they will enter into polygamous gods in the celestial kingdom and rule over other planets and spawn new families throughout eternity

Rituals and Temple Garments

  • Temple remnants (those qualified to be worthy) must first be granted permission to enter the Temple.
  • Rigid codes, financial living, doing moral rituals for the dead and self is required.
  • Their temples are few, but if selected by the elite to enter each person will perform a series of occult rituals inside the temple in order to become a candidate for Godhood.
  • Only an elite selection of Mormon gods are granted access to enter and to do so must adhere to a strict code ethics to include abstinence from tobacco caffeine products paying a full time to the Mormon church and wearing a magic Mormon underwear 24 hours a day. Must obtain from porn, pay full tithe, attend all meetings
  • Must wear regulation temple garments at all times
  • Must not associate with apostate members, fallen away Mormons
  • Must not read anti Mormon literature.
  • If the man falls short upon entrance into Mormon temple, he will be castrated and unable to rule his own planet and have lots sex and spiritual children.
  • If he keeps them, he can roll into becoming a god himself.
  • Smith was a Master mason, 1842 handshakes five points fellowship….same a masonry…have a secret name given…no one can know man’s names because Christ will call out each name to go to heaven and, he, the husband calls out his wife’s name, if he doesn’t, she stays in the ground.
  • Temple ritual washing and anointing
  • The cornerstones of their faith is that all lived in a previous state before coming here today in human form.
  • Must have living prophets to provide the word of God
  • A living prophet is better than a dead one. Changing up their prophecies or ridding of previous prophets claims is acceptable.


  • Standard works. Bible, pearl of great price, doctrine and covenants, book of Mormon is perfect
  • Families are forever even after death. Granted permission to create spirit babies who will come to the earth to repopulate
  • Baptism of the dead. There are three duties of church to redeem the dead thru proxy temple work in all temples of the world 1. Perfect the saints 2.preach gospel and 3. baptize the dead
  • Need priesthood
  • Once a month members are called to fast and give testimony, tithes in amount it would have cost for them to eat while fasting as a way of speaking their truths.
  • Believe in temples and restored worship endowment for eternity
  • Take care of their own monetarily
  • Four fundamentals: nonnegotiable elements of biblical faith
  • The nature of God
  • Who is Jesus
  • What must I do to be saved
  • The bible and the nature of revelation

Mormon doctrine

  • God, no trinity, but polytheistic universe
  • God the father is not a spirit, but man of body parts and passions
  • As man is, God once was, as God is, man may become
  • Our God the father is ruled by a committee of Gods over him and could be fired
  • Lives on planet called Kochab
  • Jesus is son of God but not almighty god
  • He is our elder brother
  • He is the spirit brother of Lucifer and all of us
  • Lucifer is necessary for Mormons to find their way to God’s truth by means of being tempted and sinning
  • He is begotten by God the Father by having sex with Mary
  • The atonement has nothing to do with the cross


  • Believe born again when dunked
  • Three degrees of heaven telestial kingdom if you are a slacker you will go here or a bad Mormon. It is the same as earth. Second terrestrial kingdom worthy hardworking people of any religion, most Mormons go here. Third heaven is celestial, the highest Mormons can enter who have been to the temple and keep all 4000 commandments
  • All who do not abide by these laws are damned and will not make it into the kingdom of celestial.
  • You will be sent into outer darkness if you do any of these sins and/or a sacrifice of someone for a blood atonement is required:
  • Murder
  • Adultery
  • Homosexuality
  • Apostasy from the true church
  • Marrying a black person

Errors of Theology

  • Have to be baptized by someone who has authority. Since no one had authority Joseph was given a vision by John the Baptist to baptize each other so an authority could be set in place. He baptized Young and Young, him.
  • Joseph Smith was not a true prophet; instead he was a boaster who claimed he descended from Christ.
  • Believed he was higher up than Christ
  • When we all die we will face Christ, Joseph Smith and God to be judged accordingly.
  • Smith practiced witchcraft and sorcery and believed he could save his brothers soul, who was already dead, by removing part of his body. They used crystal gazing, channeling, and pyramid towers to receive divine knowledge.
  • Believe Smith did more for them than any other man including Jesus Christ, with whom they believed died as a martyr, shed his blood for us, so we too can become gods.
  • Believe that not all sins are forgiven or covered by the blood of Christ and
  • Smith gives different versions of how he was presented the true teaching, all contradiction.
  • Mormon book contradicts the tenets of LSD…prophets contradict each other
  • Example, Smith said no one could attain the highest degree of glory without plural marriage. Prophet Woodrow made it an ex communicable offence to marry more than one wife.
  • Also Young said no black person would hold the priesthood until every white man living on earth had received it then Kimball contradicted this in 78


  • All cults use the same terminology as Christians but their definitions are different. So be cautious!
  • If you look at the temples you won’t see any crosses but instead pentagrams on their buildingsSlide1
  • Deny biblical authority of God’s word claiming that Smith’s revision is the true authority.
  • Mormon bible is another gospel and it came to him from an angel
  • Mormon Church started by witches for witches….great place to hide out.

Scripture countering every claim made in this article for Mormonism.

  • Matt 11:28-30 yoke of Christ
  • Matt 23:1-4
  • Bible says numbers 23:19
  • Isaiah 44:6-8
  • Malachi 3:6 does not transform
  • John 4:24 spirit
  • Joseph Smith and his temple of doom are refuted in Galatians 1:6-9.
  • Luke 24:37-39 does not have flesh and bones
  • Joseph died a polygamous. He bedded other men’s wives. He was a Freemason, died an occultist and believed he was called to be humanities judge in the after.
  • John 1:1
  • 1 Timothy 3:16
  • Matthew 1:20
  • Luke 1:35
  • Ephesians 2:8-9

Rituals and TemplesSlide4

  • Lucifarian initiation
  • Washing of the head, every part of body then anointed under highest god when enter the temple rituals.
  • Must remove all clothing and lock and key then down a sheet, be head washed to give discernment and eyes and noses and all vital organs then must wear a gown at all times as a shield of protection. Never to be removed. This gown shield and the underwear protects from satanic forces and must be worn at all times and all vows kept enter the temple must swear a blood oath not to reveal any of the secrets they have learned. The penalty for revealing any secrets is death by throat slit, stomach ripped open and tongue torn out.
  • Garment with masonic symbols on them protect them against danger …makes them a satanic dogma a living ambulant satanic pentagram wearer is what it really does.
  • Once you are initiated in you must take old garment down to ankles and put your foot into the new garment without leaving the old completely.
  • Wear it when having sex or birthing babies as well never to be removed.
  • The endowment
  • Go through the creation room to the garden room to the telestial room and on to the veil and celestial rooms
  • Pagan practices in Mormonism
  • After eternal marriage you engage in many rituals to include baptism of the dead where a dead family member is called up and asked to convert to Mormonism, if they agree they are now able to enter heavenlies and you can cleanse their life through your living.

I hope this article is educational and provides more understandings and insight into the world of Mormonism. Folks I can’t make this stuff up, it’s that bizarre. Please let me know if there is any discrepancy. Note this is not their beliefs in its entirety. Check out two very good videos describing much of the information provided. This guy comes from a personal level of understandings. 

Blessings and Peace!


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