Written by Amy Casale 2016

As a child, I was plagued with terrible sinister nightmares. These nightmares were frequent. I recall my younger brother and I sharing the same bed until I was at least 11 years old. This was simply because he and I would see things and it scared us. As a teenager, I had a dream that Christ was trying to save me but Satan was pulling me away. I tried to reach out to God but my hand slipped away as I entered into the abyss of darkness. I was in my hometown in the downtown region where all the buildings were on fire. Windows were blown out, glass on the ground. People screaming as I’m searching for my family. I felt lost and everything looked dark with fiery. That is when Christ appears in the upstairs window of a burning building crying out for me to come to him and then Satan appears and pulls me away. I had that dream at the age of 17, and to this day can remember it vividly. As I entered adulthood, I didn’t tell anyone about my dreams. I do remember around 2001, asking to be baptized in the Spirit, and when the associate pastor asked if I have had any darkness, I expressed these dreams  I had since childhood. I told him I also grew up watching horror flicks but could not watch anything that was real like surgeries or deaths etc. Naturally he assumed that was the cause.

2011 was the beginning of endtime dreams

In 2011, I went to IHOP in Atlanta with a friend at the time, who said she was going to the prayer room. They asked if we wanted to sign up for prayer. When I entered the room, there were at least five young adults praying for me. One prophesied that I had the gift of dreams. “I stated, how did you know about my dreams? This can’t be a gift because most of my dreams are dark and sinister.” I was creeped out, to say the least. I believe, I spoke with my pastor about the experience and eventually let it go. Later in the year, I cried out to God to show me truth, His truth, because I was coming up against liars and deception within Christian circles. He led me to read books from Derek Prince and Neil T Anderson. All of my previous questions were being answered and holes in my theology was being filled. I felt re-awakened in truth. I realized I was dealing with spiritual warfare and when I begged God to take away the things I saw as a child, He did but the enemy didn’t. This left me with dark dreams for many years.


Previously, I had been divorced for about seven years, when I started having non stop dreams about my ex husband cheating on his wife (which was me in the dreams), trying to get me to engage in threesomes, orgies. I had a week, where I was dreaming about him having a secret life in the military. In this dream, he had been married to multiple women and/or many girlfriends at the same time. I caught wind of some comment made and put the pieces together. In the next dream, all of us ended up in the same tent. There were hundreds of women telling similar stories about this man I was currently married to. After an entire year of having these dreams, I began to break down and tell my current husband what was happening. He seemed bewildered with no solutions. I think he thought I was nuts. Every dream left me feeling more violated and dirty. By the second year, I spoke with two more pastors, to no avail. I even contacted my ex to make sure everything was okay, telling him I was having strange dreams., of course he lied.  The dreams became more frequent and more disturbing. There would be dreams where I would engage his current wife, begging her to get out of the marriage. In one dream, I was captive in his home as his live-in slave girlfriend while his wife and their children lived downstairs. At one point we ran into each other in a hall. I told her what he was doing and she started to cry. You must understand, I had many more of these dreams, all leading to the same conclusions. I had the dreams where he was stalking random women at my University. I would catch him cheating with women on the Air Force base. I even had a dream he violated his own daughter. At one point, I confronted his commander and told them what he was doing, even though I feared heavy consequences.

By 2013, I was exhausted and begged God to take these dreams away. I was angry and tired of the images burned into my memory. In that moment, I felt the Holy Spirit guide me to go to the internet to look up my ex husbands, fathers, face book account. I didn’t even know if he had an account. When his account opened, I saw my ex husband married to a new woman. Instantaneously I started to cry, I called my mom and she couldn’t understand why I was so devastated. You see, previous to him divorcing me, which I gladly accepted, I found out that he was a Voyeur (peeping tom). He told me he had been carrying this secret since the age of 12. He gave me details to the odd circumstances I found myself in while married to him. One of my friends who was also married to a pilot in his squadron, became paranoid when she caught someone starring in her bedroom. When they went to Vegas for training,  I had to stay with her. The second incident was after we moved to a new state and the neighbor lady informed me that there was a predator in our neighborhood peeping in windows. I couldn’t believe that he was telling me, it was him! I just knew the Spirit was all over me in the moment, I was stunned and disgusted. I knew his sickness has nothing to do with me. Eventually he succeeded in manipulating me into not telling the USAF. After our divorce, I was interviewed for his security clearance. I told him if he got professional help and treated his current wife the way he should have treated me, I wouldn’t tell the USAF. Well, that is why I was so devastated, when I saw that photo, I knew my dreams were real. I knew God was preparing me for something big. I contacted his now ex wife through some old emails I found online. She later told me that when my email came across her phone she was trying to get him to admit he remarried someone else. They have three children together so one of the children was telling her about this new friend and that made her suspicious. After sending the email, I went to bed, and said God, if this is you, she will get my emails and respond. The next morning, I had an email saying everything I stated was true, and in fact, she said, I found out he was remarried before she did! She and I started talking, we knew God was in control and we submitted to that. The dates of my dreams were inline with her real life. I know God put me in her life to help break her free of his psychological abuse. After all, the man is a sociopath. After she found some evidence of his addiction, she went to the police, and I then opened an investigation through USAF. Needless to say, all of my dreams were correct and even the ones I had, after that. It has been three years since that ordeal. God gave me a chance to redeem myself for not telling the truth the first time around and develop a close friendship.

Dream Journal Mid- Nov 2013 (This is the first dream I recorded back in 2013).

I had a dream that centered on evil angels in the heavenlies. They took me up there and tortured me showing me countless others who are being tortured for believing the Christ as our Savior. They gave me a choice, either believe I was equivalent to God himself, as they were, or die for believing in a Christ that they professed wasn’t real. Before I made my decision, these evil angels put me back on earth and I ended up in the care of my Uncle Roger. He proceeded to show me all of the hidden symbolisms in music, movies, books, others I knew from childhood, and as an adult who believed in the media that advocated for this way of thinking- we are equal to God and he doesn’t really exist. Instead, I am capable of being my own God and there are angels that ascend and descend to and from heaven who are our leaders. We report to them and do their bidding on earth. We were at a magic type playhouse where a man could read the thoughts of others. He tried to read mine but I wouldn’t let him, he then called me a traitor, a believer, and I ran. He tried to get me to hold big spiders in my hand even though I knew they would bite me, I refused. As I was trying to get away my Uncle left me stranded and I had no way of getting back home. I was then sent back up to the heavenlies and demanded to choose. As I began to give-in something told me Christ is real and not to be deceived, I shouted, I still believe in Christ and I cannot deny him. They began to kill me and I awoke.  This dream was very vivid and symbolic, although I do not remember any symbolism other than the spiders. The clips of video, I was viewing on the big screen was rapid and showed many persons, thoughts, beliefs etc.. very colorful and played out like a movie.

Okay moving to the present, in 2013 i didn’t know any of this stuff was real or spoken about. In fact it has only been three weeks since I began researching all of this stuff. It has only been two weeks since I was acquainted with YouTube videos on this matter. This dream sounds very similar to the first video I watched. The links are on the recommended readings page. God gives confirmation until you finally pick up what he has been trying to lay down.

Dec 30th-31st 

Dream of being in a home that has two more stories attached. We are living in the bottom half and forget about the other two. When I remember, we go up there and it is rundown with bedroom furniture and toys scattered around. One area has a tree growing on the inside of the home and grass is growing on top of an old comforter on the bed. There are boy toys throughout. One really dark bathroom and one area with an open bathroom area. To get to the other levels we have to get into an old elevator. The top level is opened up with windows as if there is no roof. It is completely opened up with some boy toys, cars and trains etc.

In my dream, I am envisioning how to remodel it and how to find the materials with little cash. At one point, someone or something tells me we can use this space as long as we don’t ask any questions about the past or try to find out the history of the home. Sometimes I dream there is a huge pool area that is outside but cannot use it since the dead people who have resided in the home use it. It is part of the deal of living there even though we own the home. Other times it is filled with alligators.

I have a dream of another home that is connected to a mini mall of sorts. This home is very large and is open in some areas to the public. There is evil that resides down the long corridor. In past dreams, they have been oppressed and possessed persons living there. There are always in hidden areas or doorways. This home has a lot of space and sections of the home that are connected to other people’s property. There is the living area, kitchen, and then you open up a door and it goes into a big room with a bar and stools. It is beautiful furniture. Then as you walk behind the bar, there are rooms that are part of the home and others are rented out. Then as you make your way around back, there are restaurants and businesses. It is strange because there are no defining markers of where the home begins and ends and it flows into other people space. And other spaces flow into the home’s space.  Last dream of it, made me think it was in GA. There is also a huge pool and a sauna in the home. There is a ladder situated to the left of the sauna/hot tub leading up to a garden with lots of trees and hidden spaces- very tranquil and relaxing. Since I have had this dream many times over.

I have been having in-between dreams of witches. Witches are everywhere praying to Satan to stop the Christian movement.  They are in our churches, our homes and in our neighborhoods. You can’t tell who they are until they reveal themselves. I begin to pray in my dreams for protection but wonder if there is something else I should be doing. Sometimes I awake and begin to pray for protection over myself and family and the Jewish nation and our country. I have since has this dream in variation.

In 2014, I didn’t keep a journal of my dreams. I felt overwhelmed by them and asked God to take them away. In 2015, after receiving healing and deliverance through program called SOZO. I have since, repented and asked God to use these dreams for a purpose. If He speaks, I will obey.

My Dream Journal Entry 2 End times with the American Church 091915


God is divorcing or/has divorced and will or/is prosecuting the churchdome as we know it in America. He is breaking down the walls and lies within churches who claim to live for Him, revealing those who are masons and/or Illuminati and also claim Christianity. You can’t serve two masters. The spiritual bondage brought to the family with someone serving both is abortion, miscarriage, infertility, mental illness, financial strife, witchcraft mentality, inability for God to speak to the person through the Holy spirit. He is also exposing gross sins of the leaders and how their sins directly impact those pastor/deacon/elder serve as leader and teacher in our American churches. When you are under a covering of a church body and there is gross sin, the congregation will also suffer through that within their own families.Is this going to happen on the blood moon? I received that vision two days later. All I witnessed behind a white sky was the moon and sun becoming one and I awoke!


I am officially awake! When you have dreams two years before hand and then they come to pass two times over, I think it’s fair to say there is a gifting here. God knows I’ll speak the truth at my own expense. This is something I have been doing my entire life, though small endeavors, nonetheless, the result is the same, being alone and walking alone.


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