Earth: Is it really flat?

WP_20160111_07_58_48_ProMany of us hear these things and think who cares, right? I mean what is the point, but then it occurred to me. If the earth is really flat then that debunks the idea of gravity and other solar systems entering into ours. It debunks the idea that not only can we not go to other galaxies but ETs cannot come here. Interesting huh? So if we really are a closed system and our solar system is a part of this closed system, then the idea of aliens coming to save us is a big fat lie. I believe that the “aliens” we know about today are nothing more than redressed demons and fallen angels masquerading as ETs. Why would they do this? Simple! To deceive humanity into believing that when they do reveal themselves in full, many saved people will fall away from God’s truth and be sent to the kingdom of hell. Yes, hell, the underworld. And along with them many more will be deceived into accepting the mark of the beast worshiping the false savior.

In fact, it is depicted in ancient culture to include the mayans, egyptians, native americans and others that the earth is flat. It is actually situated between a heavenly realm and a underworld. It is sad to have access points to both and a dome like structure covers everything into one closed system. So if this is the case, then why do we believe the earth is a globe situated in space rotating a fast pace while gravity holds everything together? Because we all have been deceived from the beginningWP_20160111_07_58_14_Pro.








The truth is our scientist know the truth and the ones who perpetuated these lies have an agenda in mind. Consider the idea that Einstein, Edison and Newton were all given supernatural knowledge from these fallen angels to set in place a great deception that would over time would burn into the history of our forefathers to be easily received as truth for future generations. I find it interesting that all ancient cultures knew the earth was flat and even have pictures to show how this world was made. WP_20160111_07_58_03_Pro

Check out this video and if you find it to speak volumes go to youtube and find the other ones.