The Ancient Mystery Religion, Occult, Paganism, New World Order…

The Big Secret or Idea behind Freemasons, Illuminati, Occult, UFO’s, Aliens, Luciferianism, Atlantis, Nazi regime, Scientology, the Black Awakening is:

 homosexual rites, sexual perversion, sodomy of male children, sacrifice and the drinking of their blood and female children to obtain higher wisdom and knowledge and demigod power.

All these varying groups or philosophies agree on certain parameters-The creation of the “Superhuman” who is equivalent to Yahuah and can become eternal without believing Yahusha our Messiah.

  • Hitler’s Nazi regime is an example of man trying to perfect the race on earth. He learned his indoctrination through the teachings of the Toole Society (Occult organization under Helena Blavatsky) believed in the same principles of masonic orders that for man to move into super-humanism originates from ancient world’s teaching.
  • There is a notion that the Black Awakening is currently comprised of satanic super soldiers, in human form, created or possessed to wreak havoc during our era in order to usher humanity into chaos, so that all will beg for a Savior.
  • When this Antichrist comes, if he isn’t already here, in the form of a man (nimrod in the flesh or his DNA in a man), he will be  possessed by demons or may even have Satan’s DNA in his blood. This possession will allow him to produce signs and wonders leading people astray. He will act as a pseudo peacemaker. It will be after this reign, which Armageddon will take place.
  • One of the MAIN SECRETS within secret societies is that Lucifer also known as “prince of light” is really Christ! Seriously, they believe Lucifer is Gods son named Christ!!!
    • We also can attain God-ship through humanistic philosophy and a new utopia, here on earth through rituals of human sacrifice and sexual perversion.
    • There is no sin
    • There is no Deity
    • There is no death– we only recycle through reincarnation till we have found the knowledge within to be Godlike.
    • There is no Judgement-we just progress to higher places over time.
    • Must be initiated into these secret societies to become Godlike or elite
    • Jesus is not the Savior just a higher Celestial Spirit, or the ascended master or just a teacher.
  • We can obtain immortality by use of own intellect (knowledge) and through science to become a god. This idea is the core philosophy of the Lucifer Doctrine. And this is where all secret societies possess their knowledge. Believing that man will become superhuman through evolution.
  • Wilmhurst, is quoted as saying the evolution of man into superhuman was always the purpose of the ancient mysteries also known as the religion of Masonry.
  • The New World Order Ideology centers on perfected human beings who will be rewarded god like status on earth. It is the willing who have sworn allegiance to this idea Lucifer is in fact God, and belief that they, the elite, will be rewarded and eventually rule the classes. There will be the elite (them) and the rest of us. See the similarity with what GOD states in scripture, except it will be God’s elite, not Satan’s.
    • Alice Bailey stated a crisis will be created to make way of the new world order through the camouflage of the new age movement that will bring new order out of chaos. She was a satanist.


Ancient Mystery Religion came from spirits being channeled by Egyptians and other tribes in which they were given secret knowledge and divination. That is why they were able to build pyramids and have advanced tools and modern workmanship as well proven that Nephilim lived in those days of great proportion, thus able to make pyramids with their advanced knowledge and strength. The medieval times are riddled with some possessing secret knowledge which gave them power over others in the form of witchcraft or possession.

Ancient Mystery School Teachings is  an esoteric mindset also known as Luciferian Doctrine.

Atlantis- the third root race who tried to achieve a superhuman race but was destroyed by a flood.

Esoteric astrology is based on Alice Bailey’s “Ageless Wisdom” teachings, which she said were relayed by her Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul. link:

New Mentality Era

    • Margaret Fox, Mary Baker Eddie, Andrew Jackson Davis, were channeling spirits and revealing “secret knowledge and truths that counter Yahuha’s truth,  known as the “new interpretation of the bible”. Out of this new interpretation many books were written deceiving God fearing people into skewed ways of thinking. This was also established by tampering with the Holy bible through the use of over 400 translations.
    •  Through channeling these spirits/aliens gave special insight or a hidden power force that could be tapped into, and easy to believe, since it had much truth but enough deception to deceive well intentioned people. From my research some of the fallen angels Yahuah spoke about in Enoch, are the same names of the spirits these channelers and mediums spoke with during this era of deception. Many books were written on this creating a new divide in late 18 to 1900’s in the fields of philosophy, religion, metaphysical, spiritual, psychology etc….
  • The story goes that Galen was channeled by Davis and he was foretold of the mind-over-matterfuture and also given a magical staff of healing. Davis channeled spirits through trance writings, later making this tool available to the new age movement.This is what birthed the idea of universalism (1845), the cosmos, and later moving into evolution theory of life. Swedenborg then channeled Davis (1847) and took his knowledge to create the ADVENT of Spiritualism, he also argued against a triune God, atonement, and sin. He also believed there was no such thing as eternal punishment, in fact, we can work our way to higher positions. At one point, he stated “to be careful listening to these spirits, for they can be liars,” and yet, he later ignores his own words, falling into deception. The Masonic lodges were based on Swedonborgian lodges, rites of Swedenborg. His works also infiltrated the church of the New Jerusalem and many liberal churches based their foundations on his writings.

    For example: Davis claimed that Adam and Eve benefited by eating the apple from the tree of knowledge because with knowledge humans, can attain godlike form.

    Evolution soon followed with writings from Darwin’s grandfather and Darwin’s ability to get them noticed and published. This era can also be known as the Men of Science 1859 time period. Darwin’s origin of species set the stage for natural selection, the evolution theory-decent of man coming from apes. The Big bang theory was also introduced into public learning institutions inundated with this philosophy. Darwinism was an offshoot of Davis’s work of universalism.

  • The birthing of the New Age Era 1845-47 is titled to Margaret Foss, who was one of the original channelers, who also birthed Modern Spiritism. Andrew Davis channeled Swedenborg and also created the therapy of hypnosis. He gained this tool of knowledge from doing seances. Many movements and philosophies came out of this. Mary Baker Eddie took hypnosis and believed through this, she was able to find all the errors in the Holy Bible and proceeded to write a newer version with her corrections. She believed she was the Prophet of the New Revelation.


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  • Theosophical Society Gurdjieff, Metaphysics, Perennial philosophy, self help psychology, Buddhism, Hinduism and Yoga are all offshoots of early New Age movements aka (paganism, ancient world teachings, old eastern teachings, Luciferism, Atlantis, Freemasonry, Illuminati).


  • Nazi Movement came from Toole Society teachings of the occult led under Helena Blavatsky said the Aryan race are descendants came from Atlantis before they were destroyed by a flood (these are the same principles outlined in masonry, bohemians, Illuminati’s etc…). According to Nazi regime other beings gave them access to higher intelligence for technology and human destruction at least 25 years ahead of its time. They came in the form of greys to help us save the world.


  • It was the hidden secrets that allowed the Nazi party along with the help of top scientist to recreate a flying saucer plane that hovered over the ground. It is these very scientist who were later smuggled into US to start what we know today as NASA program.


  • Later in 1985 a Jesuit Priest and a  paleontologist named Pierr took Darwin’s teachings and pushed “evolution” on the Catholic churches. He was noted for bringing science into religion. He believed human kind should be under one universal faith. It was John Paul II who has espoused these ideas and brought into current Roman faith. Unbeknownst to the majority of the world,  the discovered piltdown man first and the theory was created to give it proof. It was later proven that the piltdown was a fraud in the 1950’s.  It is said that modern geneticists knew evolutionism was a fraud but were afraid to come forth due to the overriding pressures placed on society to teach evolutionism in schools and of course their reputations. Wolfgang Smith a renowned geneticist stated that “evolution is a metaphysical myth totally bereft of scientific sanction.”


  • The Astrological Age of Aquarius movement also known as the NEW AGE MOVEMENT, within the western Nations, boomed in the 1970’s which also derived from these older spirit traditions ranging from monotheism, pantheism, Gaia ecology, astrology, philosophy and environmentalism popular today.

Interesting Finds

Mediums and channelers are in place to teach mankind how to achieve or possess a higher state of consciousness through the knowledge they already possess. Here are some findings of channelers who spoke to spirits of hidden knowledge and power.

Aleister Crowley created the “Amalantrah workings” opened a portal allowing a demon called “Lam” enter through which looks like our modern day greys. Is this how these demons entered into our dimension?CROWLEY_SUMMONED_ALIEN_GREYS__32872

J.Z Knight channeled ‘Rampha” the enlightened one. An angel came to her saying I am going to help you give light to the world. There is no death and man himself, is a God you just have to realize it and hold onto its power from  within. She said reincarnation and evolution gives many of us chances to get it right, to become godlike, eternal. We really are immortals wearing the garment of human flesh in order to learn things. There is no redeemer and God is life itself.

  • The “Tibetian” spirit channeled through Leah says “The great I Am….is me! Creator of the universe.” And tells her of a new race evolving a superhuman race- this is the same concept that Hitler believed to justify mass killings of Jewish.
  • Spirit of “Bashar” says ” I am equal to the creator ( all infinite creatures).
  • Spirit of “Lazaris” says: God is already within man, so you must find yourself to find God. He is everything.”
  • Spirit of “Seth” is channeled and claims we are all gods in training.” The word Seth, an Egyptian name, also means Satan.
  • Paganism and Christianity look very similar because Yahuah created His version first, the truth, and Satan in his fashion, as a copier and deceiver, duplicated Yahuah’s truth with subtle twisted versions of the truth. Check out Jeremiah 19, 25.

THE NEW AGE IDEAimages (3)

  1. The New Age comes from evolutionary thinking that Christ is universal! One religion!
  2. Catholic religion was created as a guise to take monies in form of taxes and penance as well as keep the people misinformed of God’s word claiming Priests were equivalent to Christ. The higher ups in the Vatican and monasteries are Satan worshipers who are not only homosexual but perform sexual perversion on children, sacrifice and drink their blood to obtain higher knowledge and immortality. John Paul II who gets his beliefs from Pierr Tellhard, and I believe this Pope is a part of bringing in the false Christ.
  3. Nazi regime takes hold
  4. Hypnosis is used regularly but no one knows the potentialities of misuse.
  5. Transcendentalism becomes popular
  6. Bohemian club and skull and bones as well as older secret societies emerge into modern society.
  7. “I am God” because “He is in me” is birthed in the 21st century
  8. New World Order agenda is being fulfilled through our political and entertainment industry as you read this! If you are rich, you are owned by the Illuminati if you would like to stay rich.
  9. Truths about secret societies are emerging and we are noticing that the top or elite of our time including presidents are members of these secret societies to include, by not in full, Reagan, Nixon, Ford, Clinton, Bushes and now Obama in more recent times. If you go back into American history, you will see how Washington and a handful of other Freemasons were behind the makeup of our countries values, the great deceit to bring back paganism. Yes, Christianity was also a contender, but they have always been against each other. Realize the inner circle of Illuminati are the seven fallen angels under Satan. they have direct contact to satan himself. In turn, they use the other secret societies to wage their dealings and they hide like toxic scum behind the rotting walls. They are the puppeteers pulling the strings of ignorance and idealism, self-centered culture who easily accepts the things we used to believe were an abomination. If we see it enough, we will become detached. 1990’s start of gay relationships becoming normal or fair from an equal rights perspective. The music industry becoming more anti patriotic, satanic symbolism found in everyday jewelry stores. Detached. Immune. Asleep. Cloned?
  10.   Now to get more people to become deceived ,UFO’s and aliens who are clothed by demons carrying on Satan’s plan- which has been in the main agenda for at least 4,500 years. Many Ufologist have proven time and time again that although these craft are real, they are not physical, but spiritual manifestations occurring within our own planet. They seem to come from a different dimension within our solar system but do not.
  11. Studies have been done to show those who had alien abductions described the same experiences as those who were previously possessed by demons. It even came down to the screeches and voices sounding the same.

Ways Satan has deceived humankind through the Ages

Looking back in history, satan’s first attempt was with Adam and Eve in the garden to get back at God. Knowledge.

  • When he corrupted Eve and Adam with the tree of knowledge of good and evil is an analogy of him having sexual relations with both Eve and producing a second humankind blood line and also Adam, which brought forth homosexuality.
  • When he affected the 200 angelic watcher’s to procreate with womankind creating a mixed human species. DNA corruption.
  • When these fallen angels taught women and men divination, astrology, seductiveness, worship of moon and sun.
  • “Fake Jews”-Zionist Christians (come from a infiltrated group of peoples as the 13th tribe of Israel called the KHAZARS and ancient Kabbalist who are really worshipers of Lucifer
  • When the demigods as kings of their time ruled the nations infiltrating filth and luciferianism into mainstream culture.
  • When he came in the form of secret knowledge to the ancient world through worshiping demons and false gods through rituals and sacrifice
  • Black nobility families are not the same families as those you may commonly be aware of such as the Rockefeller’s, Rothschild’s, Du Ponts… These are a completely different set of family lineages that go back to the time of Venice and then further back to the Phoenicians and ultimately back to the line of the Canaanites. Who still reign in power.  They are at the top and are said to believe they have Satan’s DNA coursing through their veins or at least modern day Nephilim. The book of  Ephesians talks about the rulers of the darkness of this world and clearly when you understand what the black nobility stand for it will provide even further clarity about who is really running the new world order.
  • When he tried to create his own world with Atlantis mixing humans and animals and witchcraft mixed into God’s word.
  • After the flood, reintroducing nephilim kind through advanced technology in Ham’s time.
  • Mixing witchcraft and paganism into doctrine through creating the Catholic church. He used Constantine to devise this plan for complete control and deception
  • Destroying all the faiths that were pure by pushing into desolate locations in the mountains. Putting bounties on their heads.
  • Through deceiving the 18-19th centuries through reintroducing eastern religion to western world through mediumship, seances, rituals, secret societies. Eventually publicizing Satan worship in Europe and through the Illuminati-which believe Christ is Lucifer.
  • Deceiving channelers with spirits who are really fallen angels giving a false doctrine which blended into new bibles.
  • Jesuits adding their lies to the word of God through religion practices of environmentalism, Darwinism, Catholicism… Mormonism, Jehovah Witness believing the new testament is  not Christ breathed ( New Age Era) and different translations of the Holy Bible.
  • Now with aliens who are just fallen angels and demons masked to make us think we are not alone in the world and we can attain enlightenment and eternity through our own consciousness which is this New Old Age Movement. To be rich, is a simple as signing your soul over to Satan through the Illuminati inner circle. They control the world through other guises too, especially the entertainment industry in America. Cloning humans since the 40’s. Assassinating anyone who tries to expose them. having intercourse with fallen angels and demons to have immortality.
  • Catholic Church of Roman is a fraud. It was created by Constantine to make money. He purposely put paganism within the word of God to entice more people to join the church. He created monks to protect the Pope and friars to enforce laws, priest to keep people under deception of the New Testament stating Priest are Christ in human form. Heinous acts within monasteries and the amount of punitive mandate the nuns went through is nothing less than pure demonic at best. Catholicism is the gateway to Satan. The Vatican is the Babylon the harlot and the United States is the daughter of the harlot.
  • Started in the 50’s after the fall of the Nazi regime: Cloning or becoming our own God evolution
  • Mixing of demonic or fallen angel celestial’s with human DNA
  • Other species living on Earth with Humans UFO’s, Aliens, reptilians etc.
  • Modern Human mixes with other life forms