Who is the Antichrist?


According to many, The antichrist will be the current pope, the current president of turkey or even Nimrod who is also known as Apollo. If you look at 2 Thessalonians 2:3 where it is said the spirit of the antichrist will come into a man who is the son of perdition, who is also known as Apollo. Some also say he will come out of Islam.

I believe it will be Nimrod since he is the first freemason, created the tower of Babel and the rulers of many nations of that time. He was a descent of Ham, one of Noah’s three sons-who chose to recreate nephilim after the flood. It was his bloodline that was DNA corrupted from that point to this day. Nimrod is considered a nephilim or also known as a demigod- he was half human and half angelic. The return of the nephilim, does that mean they will come out of the earth or will the NWO release their newest versions as known as transhumanism, half human and half beast to be the soldiers (which can also be the black awakening, the super soldiers discussed on other pages ) of end times to destroy us?


Who is the one credited for ushering in the Antichrist, the false prophet? I believe it is the current pope. He is going to make it look like a one world religion is our only salvation. He will use the Giaism ideology that we are destroying the earth and in turn we will suffer and need to be destroyed, population reduction, to save our earth. God calls us to be stewards of the earth, but we are not to worship the earth as God. Mother earth is not God. God is God and Christ is God and Holy Spirit is God. He is very intelligent and well educated. He will use miracles to deceive us. The vatican is the  first beast in Daniel and is the harlot in revelation.

Or, maybe the Antichrist is a government(s) of peoples with an antichrist spirit, not an actual person. I’m still not sure on this.

With God’s power used in us to bring him glory by the gifts of the holy spirit as is the opposite with satan’s kingdom. God is the light and satan is the dark. All of us have gifts, the question is who are you using them for?


Remember Christ is Savior! He is waiting for you to acknowledge and accept Him as your personal savior. He is the spiritual bridge to God. Slide4  Slide1


April 19:Temple Of Baal In New York Is Going Up Same Day The Blood Sacrifice To The Beast Begins

Occultist festival known as the worship of Baal begins every years beginning with April 19- which is the first day of a 13 day period known as “the blood sacrifice to the beast” that culminates on the high occult holy day as “May Day” also known as the illuminati’s second most sacred holiday (Beltane).

April 19th is also known as “the feast of Moloch” who is an ancient Canaanite god that repeatedly denounced in the Old Testament for child sacrifice. Bohemian Grove erects this giant statue.

All Canaanites were Giants who came from the Fallen Angels procreating with human women also known as Nephilim

April 19-May 1 is the blood sacrifice to the beast, a most critical 13 day period. Fire sacrifice is required on April 19th.

April 19 is the first day of the 13-day satanic ritual day relating to fire—the fire god. Baal, Molech/Nimrod (the sun god), also known as the roman god, Saturn (satan/devil). This day is considered a major human sacrifice day with emphasis on children.


April 19, 93 waco massacre 76 men, women and children were burned alive on the Davidians compound

April 19, 95 Ok City Bombing-168 killed

April 20, 99 Columbine HS Massacre 13 murdered, 21 injured

April 16, 07 Virginia Tech Massacre—32 killed; 17 injured

April 16, 2013 Boston Marathon Explosions 3 killed, 107 injured






To be concluded….under construction

Could Christianity be the AntiChrist system???


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